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Thread: Carbon Steel Blades, when to worry about stains?

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    We have very hard water here in Athens. My Dovo Best Quality has developed water spots and minor staining, regardless of the fact that I dry the razor thoroughly after each shave and routinely coat with mineral oil. I recently tried to remove these blemishes with 000-steel wool and said oil, but with little results. Would applying a small amount of auto metal polish post shaves help?

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    Do you have very hard water that builds up calcium deposits on faucets, etc.? I use a dry towel followed by a Kleenex to dry mine (including between the scales) and the wipe with a microfiber cloth (eyeglass cloth) before storing. However, I've had none of what you describe.

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    I have the same issue on some of my razors. I clean the stains with tissue(dry) by force but it isn't a good solution. However, in
    here this guy applies toothpaste. I've never tried it but I'm going to try. Wanted to share with you guys.

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    Since you travel, it might help you to know that Ballistol now sells invidivual saturated wipes, packaged in foil envelopes. I think Amazon has them. I keep some in my pistol range bags.
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    If I may contribute my own method, and note that I only suggest you try this on a plain blade (no gold or enamel decoration, etc).

    I keep a small spray bottle filled with isopropanol (99% rubbing alcohol) After rinsing the blade with hot water, I spray a little alcohol on the blade, wipe it off and after a few seconds when any residual moisture shoul have evaporated, dab a little ballistol or camellia oil on the blade. This may prove unpractical if you're on the road but it works pretty well for me!

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