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    I'm right handed. It takes some effort to remember to use my left hand for the left side, but I find that side always goes much better than the right. Smoother shave, less missed spots. I have cut myself twice so far, both on the right side. Is it the lack of a bad habit stopping me from slashing myself with my left hand? I'm guessing that's it. I've read a few posts that others have this same occurrence. What do you folks think? Teaching an old dog new tricks vs. teaching a puppy?

    And yes, I have developed a full blown case of straight razor shaving obsession.

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    I have cut myself on the right side only, but the left side is never as smooth. (that is probably due to the fact that on the left side of my neck the beard hasn't really decided on a single direction of growth)
    My best guess is that you can get overconfident with your dominant hand, take wider, faster and more daring swipes, while on the left side you go slow and careful. Hence less cuts and possibly a smoother result.

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    Seems pretty common, i have read the same on heaps of threads.
    I only started using my right hand a couple of months ago, it is useful to get certain angles 8 certain areas, ot sure if the shave is better or not though.
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    Is a common topic. It seems as the non dominant hand is less coordinated and that you go slower, more carefully and lighter resulting in a good shave and less irritation where the dominant hand tends to use too much pressure and be a bit cocky resulting in nicks and irritation
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