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Thread: Discouraged- need pep talk

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    Hi everybody, thanks again for all of the good feedback. I found it very encouraging. Some people advised to post my location so I updated my profile with it. I'm in Pflugerville, TX just outside of Austin.

    I've had what I think is a positive development with my journey. As I was reading the replies I really began to come to the conclusion that my blades weren't sharp and that I'd in all likelihood dulled them using my horrible stropping technique. That would explain why I only got a couple of good shaves early on when they were freshly honed then it all went down hill. So thinking if I could take that part out of the equation and just concentrate on technique with a blade I knew was always sharp and shave ready it would help. So, I bought a Feather Artist Club DX straight handle kamisori style razor and some pro blades. It's ridiculously expensive but I had read that its experience was most like a traditional straight. So I just received it and gave it try this week, and all I have to say is WOW. It was an amazing experience. I was very careful after reading how unforgiving it could be, but holy cow, that thing licked the hair off my face so easily I scarcely even felt the blade. A couple of weepers and a tiny cut after it was all said and done, but the shave was so good overall I didn't even need to finish up with the DE to be presentable. I was so excited. I felt like a success. I felt like a man! haha. I had always dismissed shavette style razors in the past because I wanted to be a total purist, but I am SO glad I finally gave it a try. That thing is amazing and like nothing I've ever tried before. My confidence and enthusiasm has instantly skyrocketed after using it. So I'm planning to use it every day I can and track my progress though a hundred shaves and stay committed. Should be a lot easier since there's no real maintenance involved. I also picked up a folding SS model on ebay for $55 brand new so I could try the same form factor as my real straights as well. In the meantime, I'll get my real straights re-honed or touched up and work on my stropping technique more deliberately and mindfully. Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for the encouraging words and advice.
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    Yes, I too like the Feather Artist Club DX.

    I own three, one resin folding handle for travelling that I bought first; and I liked it so much that I bought another resin folding handle for home and added later a teakwood folding handle for home too. For whatever reason, I was never itempted enough to try the kamisori style.

    I use normally the Professional blades, but have also a cache of Pro Super blades.
    The difference in shave between the two is fairly small and I have no pronounced preference between the blades - if anything, I lean more towards the Professional.

    I did notice that the Feather AC blades are initially harsh and need a shave or two to mellow and reach peak performance.
    I get approximately 10 shaves out of them, about three more than I get out of good DE blades, which I rarely use any longer.

    It's all in the name: Feather - they work best with a feather-light touch and slightly shallower angle than a traditional straight.
    Conversely, you will pay the price for much pressure or a too steep angle.

    They are good razors and I believe that unlike light-weight Dovo-style shavettes the transition from a Feather DX to a traditional straight razor will be very easy.

    Good luck on your journey.

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