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    Default First Partial Straight Razor Shave

    Just had my first "partial" straight razor shave, meaning I only shaved 1 cheek and did the rest with a DE (advice based on Lynn Abrams to start slow). The shave went fairly well, it wasn't super smooth, but I guess I'll chalk that up to inexperience. I was left with some irritation, I had 2 thickish red lines just above my jaw line, I'm not exactly sure what happened there, maybe too much pressure or wrong angle? Other than that I'd say it was a success, no blood . Quick question to you guys, the razor doesn't pass the "hanging hair test" really at all. I could only get it to work a few times but most of the time it didn't work, does that mean my blade isn't honed properly?

    Another thing I did by accident is run the blade on the strop the wrong way, meaning I lead with the edge and not the spine. The second after I did that I was like O CRAP!!! Will 1 or 2 strokes like this completely mess up the edge? I think I was focusing too much on counting the number of laps and not paying enough attention to my technique. I purchased a 2 inch leather strop so I have to do an X pattern to strop it. It is hard enough learning how to strop without having to worry about the X pattern. I have a 3 inch board strop coming and I think that will make it easier.
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    Don't bother with the hanging hair test. It may or may not work with your hair and until you truly understand shave ready and can calibrate it for YOUR SELF it is pointless. If the razor shaves well it is shave ready. If it came from one of the recommended pro's it will be shave ready. Sketchy technique at the beginning is the most likley reason for not getting a close clean shave. Good luck
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    I never use the HHT, but I know that some others do. Is your razor cutting your whiskers? If yes, then just keep shaving, paying particular attention to proper stropping technique. If no, then send it out to be pro honed. Good luck.

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    Your face is the only shave test you need if the razor was shave ready (honed by an "expert"). The others are entertainment for those who like to test various theories of judging a razor other than lathering and shaving. Some actually dull the razor.

    And yes, one or two strokes on a strop edge leading can mess up the edge.
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