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Thread: Razor Oil

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    Default Razor Oil

    Hello everybody, thank you in advance for any light you can shed on this for me.

    What's a choice oil for your straight razor to keep it from rusting?

    Perhaps the steel type would affect the answer, is so please specify which steel to which oil.

    Thanks again,


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    Each person has there own favorite antirust oil but I use the oil from SRD. Most any good mineral oil will work though. The main thing is not to put it up wet. I wipe mine down with tissue paper and then us the oil. Because I switch up razors a lot I also wrap mine in wax paper before I put it back in the coffin. I use just plain old wax paper from the kitchen. Hope this helps.

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    Heavy mineral oil, found in most drugstores. Also used as a laxative, just wipe it on the blade with a piece of tissue paper or something. Cheap, and not a strong petroleum based oil, so there's no scent. I use nothing else.

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    DRY is the key!

    Dry your razor after running the blade under very hot water with toilet paper or Kleenex, including between the scales, then set it aside open in a dry area (outside of the bathroom), for at least 6-8 hours, then oil, with any mineral oil or substance like Ballistrol and put away. That is what I do, and stainless, carbon, new or vintage steel I've had no problems in almost 30 months.
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    +1 to what Harold said - I always run the blade under hot water, wipe dry and then 20 laps on either linen or felt strop and left to dry in the shaving cabinet for 24 hrs.
    I use eucalyptus oil which is really light and makes the bathroom smell good. For longer storage or when posting a freshly honed razor back to it's owner I use '3 in 1' light machine oil (It doesn't smell real good but does a fine job IMHO)
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