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Thread: From All of Us to All of You

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    Default From All of Us to All of You

    Once again the Holiday Season is upon us and each year I always say maybe this year will be better. But it never is. The world is full of Boogeymen.

    John Lennon wrote a Christmas Song years ago where he says …without any fear. This seems to be as apropos in the 21st Century as it was in the 20th.

    Back in the dark days of WWll Americans had real reason to fear with the Axis Powers over running Europe and Military campaigns by the Allies seemingly being won by serendipity and that was only after the U.S entered the war. German U Boats were right off the coast of the U.S and the Japanese were sending bombs in balloons over the West Coast of the U.S.

    President Roosevelt made a famous speech were he said “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”. So I was thinking. Over 50,000 Americans are killed in Auto Accidents every year. Are we afraid to get into a car? Over 30,000 are killed by Gun Violence. Are we afraid of being shot every day? Over 2,500 die of the flu each year. Do we hide in our homes during flu season or wear masks? How many have been killed by Terrorists in the U.S? If you live outside the U.S you can just replace some of the circumstances and ask the same questions.

    Don’t let a 24 hour news cycle that inundates us with the same dribble 24/7 magnify the news into fear. Don’t let social media do the same. Lastly don’t let some desperate politician scare you into thinking only he (or she) can save you and only they have the simple answer no matter the party they are from or the country they are in.

    The Staff would like to thank all of our loyal members for just being you and supporting this site and helping to pass on a vintage skill set. If you are a lurker make it a point to join us this year. Everyone has something to contribute.

    Lastly and most importantly the staff and site owners would also like to wish all of our members a safe, happy and healthy Christmas and New Year, one without fear.
    No matter how many men you kill you can't kill your successor-Emperor Nero

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