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    Default Help I.D ing the quality of my first razor

    Just received my first razor today. I purchased it from a French Website called rasoir-sabre. It seems that in 2015 he bought the rights to the Le Grelot name and some 1970s blanks from Mazerville and now is making razors. So it's a Le Grelot "wings". Any one heard of thus company? Hope I did not get burned, but I bought it because it was a bit cheaper than the Spartacus from TI. Couple of concerns:

    1. Website said it was shave ready, but I am not sure because it tore my face up with Razor burn; but this was after I made way to many passes due to the fact that it wasn't seeming to take the hair off. I understand there is a learning curve but I do not know how to tell if it is properly honed or I am just an idiot.

    2. I live and work in France and so I have no clue where to send it to be honed. I would like to learn how to hone then I could purchase some nice old school razors cheap and maintain my own. Is it something I could do myself, if not is there a certain type of person who would be able to hone a razor... say the guy who the butcher uses to sharped his knives.

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    I would look for someone to hone for you to begin with. That is one less variable while learning. If something isn't going right but you have a professionally honed blade you won't be questioning the blade.

    Someone else will probably come along and be able to help you locate someone in your area.

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    I've bought a razor from Ertan at Rasoir-Sabre. I am very happy with my purchase. However, it was not shave-ready. Razor sharp, yes, but not shave ready. You will need to find someone who can help you get it that way. I'm sure there are some members here who live in France. There are members from the EU here I know, so you should be able to find one you could send it to without paying duties for the blade to leave/return to the EU. First have it properly honed, then you can begin to learn to shave with it.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Can't help with information on the razor but don't take it to a knife sharpening service. Check out the classifieds to see if there is someone close to you or you can also check the local help list to see if anyone is close. Good luck
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    Welcome to an Older but Better way of shaving

    While I don't know who could help you with getting that razor truly shave ready I do have a friend in Germany who I'm sure would help you out. PM me for more info.

    Also if you haven't seen the Beginner's Tip for January take a look it will show how shave ready isn't always Truly Shave Ready
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    Hi, I don't know hone master in France, but if you will send in outside EU you can consider Ukraine, I can recommend you really great master whose quality I can guaranty.
    Also as we had huge devaluation of our currency (Hrivna) prices in $\€ is really low. Honing only 10$ and return shopping cost also low (don't know right now exact price).

    Actually I will be in France in start of March, but only in Meribel and due to long break in SR shaving I have now lack of honing experience.

    I also send my razors to above mentioned master
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