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Thread: First four months - what a lovely rabbit hole

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    I’m 4 months in as well and in the same boat. I usually get the mail but have been out of town for the last month and being in a hotel room really makes it hard to not buy. Haha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 400E View Post
    Yes, suspect we've all been there!

    I also call this a hobby. But I also call it a mindfulness exercise. In my work, I promote stress management activities of various types, and when giving PowerPoint slideshows on wellness, I often include a slide or two showing some of my admittedly small collection of razors and brushes and strops. I do this as an example of how we can take a normal daily "chore" that we tend to do mindlessly (usually while thinking about other things) and turn it into something pleasurable, that also takes your whole attention.
    Well, don't ever show honing videos, there's plenty of stress times.! But may be used in how to control stress, by walking away... You'll see once you take up honing. Ha.!!

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    I navigate the wife issue by selling a few now and then. Seriously. She does notice the piles of boxes that show up as well as the huge amount of razors in my shop and under my side of the sink. But when she notices a few hundred more dollars appear in my PayPal account somehow that justifies the investment - OK it's not an investment per say but one can make it appear so. The moral is that I buy all I want but make sure I sell a few in-between (and make sure she sees the added money) so I can call it a business. It's been working well for about the 10 years that I've been buying blades like a mad man.

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