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    Wink First Shave with a Straight

    I've been lingering on this forum for around 6 months. I've raided multiple forums for shaving supplies, and I have built up a nice inventory. I've even bought Lynn's movie that I have yet to watch. The thought of watching a few videos about straights was the path I wanted to go before my first straight. Well I have yet to watch any videos or read thread concerning technique. I decided I would give it a go anyway. Tonight I used a 5/8 wapi, just in case I dropped etc... I used a loom strop, I think I'm going to hit up Miller for a strop very soon, and lapped the razor about 100 times.

    Well shave was okay. The chin area was a little tough, but the jaw line was fine for me. I'm right handed and I tried using my left hand. I wish I was ambidextrous it would help a lot. The only knick I had was on my upper lip. This was do to a distraction and I sliced myself. I had a little razor burn, and that was about it. I will admit that I whipped out my single edge Gem Micromatic for a touch up at the end.

    I have a lot to learn and look forward to reading posts from you guys on here that are masters of straight shaving. I think shaving my first time with no instruction might have been a good thing. I plan on reading up on different techniques, and hopefully I can realize what I did wrong with my first shave. Anyway thanks for reading and your advice would be very much appreciated.

    Here's a little pic of my first shave.
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    congrats! it only gets better.

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    Welcome to SRP Aaron! Sounds like that first shave went pretty well - the chin area is almost always a tough spot for everyone!

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    That is a neat looking strop. Be careful when you lay the blade on things open like that, even for one picture.


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    Nice work. Welcome aboard!!

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