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    Smile When is the next SRP Giveaway

    and where do we sign up?

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    All Right all you members, we have 9 days till it starts.[SIZE=2] OK, Now that I have your attention. [SIZE=1][COLOR=black]That is exactly correct we now have nine days till I open three threads. One for newbies, One for Mid, And one for Old Guys. Newbie will be for all of you gents that joined in August 2007 thru February 15th, 2008. Mids will be the Join date from February 2007 thru July 2007. Old Timers are anyone that joined in January 2007 or earlier.

    copypasted from here

    Pardon me but I don't know how to put links into words

    edit: duh it looks like I signed up 4 or so days too late to be in =)
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