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Thread: First Shave!

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    Default First Shave!

    Hello everyone!

    First I'd like to thank the community here for all their informative posts. I've been reading a week or so and there's a lot here to make a guy comfortable about trying a straight razor and enthusiastic for wanting to get started.

    I purchased a Classic Black Straight Razor Set from Jim Ayars at Vintage Blades and I included the pre-honed option (based on suggestions here in the forum). I couldn't believe I got it so fast! Still even 3-4 days seems an eternity when you're waiting for your first straight razor.

    So I gave it a shot this afternoon after watching a slew of videos on YouTube and Google Video. My hands were shaky, my technique was off but I got no cuts and only some irritation on my neck. I've decided to keep the goatee until I can work the razor a little better and for now I'm only going WTG.

    The cheek was easy on the right side and though I had a tad bit of trouble working the left side with my left hand I figured learn to do it two handed from the start. Now my cheeks are smooth but the neck didn't turn out the same. I've got some irritation on the neck and there's still some areas that needed touch up so I'll have to work on this.

    All in all though I'm really excited to be shaving the way it used to be done! Even better I won't be shelling out 15.00 for razor cartridge refills. I even showed my new straight razor to my friends - just can't imagine doing that with my Gillete!

    Thanks again for a great place for information! And a special thanks to Jim over at Vintage Blades!

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    Congratulations on the kit and the shave! I too found Jim to be great to order from and would recommend his starter kits to anyone. Great place to shop and even better service!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Kenney View Post
    I even showed my new straight razor to my friends - just can't imagine doing that with my Gillete!
    Congrats on the first much fun! That other hand can be a real pain. I'm only on my 4th shave, and it feels very strange to hold it in my left.

    And I know what you mean about showing your friends. I show everyone who walks in the door!

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    Fantastic job, very wise choice in keeping with WTG only while
    you are developing your technique.

    Oh, and I can't recommend Jim's services enough. He truly is
    a great vendor to deal with and carries some wonderful prod-

    - Scott

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