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    Came upon my Grandfathers set of 6 straight razors, he passed away in 1981. Decided to give this art a go, and find myself loving it. I did have them professionally sharpened, but I'm not sure if the blades are too sharp, or not sharp enough, or if my facial hair is too fine to be cut. It is possible to "over-sharpen" a razor?

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    Welcome! Who sharpened your razors? You mention you had the "professionally sharpened," which implies that it was done by a guy who does knives. If so, then it probably doesn't have the correct edge on it. It is my understanding that sharpening knives and honing razors are two entirely different beasts.

    Best of luck.

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    Legal Eagle is correct. Knives are sharpened between 20 and 30, razors are typically 17 or less. Angle on a razor is determined by the height of the spine and distance to the edge. Some folks feel that you can have too sharp a razor. I think a razor my feel harsh but I'm of the opinion a correctly honed razor can not be too sharp. An over honed razor will cut at first then quickly not cut and can feel very harsh.
    Chances are your razors were sharpened as knives. I recommend that you send them out to a honemeister to reset the bevels and then put a correct edge on them.
    I think it is so neat that your are keeping a close connection to your Grandfather in this way.

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