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Thread: BAD shave...

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    Unhappy BAD shave...

    Well, I just had a pretty bad shave...I've been straight shaving for a while but it feels like the newbie section is the right place for this. I finally got my Mama Bear soaps and wanted to try them out, so I used her toasted coconut soap. everything went as usual but i noticed the blade felt a little different, it didn't glide as much as usual. I got a bunch of nicks as opposed the the usual one or two and one nice cut! I've never cut my self before, I went to make a pass and the blade dug right into my cheek...most blood I've seen from shaving before, I also got a tiny cut in the usual spot (under the chin on the side a bit) So right now my face actually hurts a bit and I think I'm gonna get some burn, which also usually is very light if any.

    I don't know what the F happened, maybe I rushed it or I rolled the edge stropping? Also I honed this blade myself about 3 -4 shaves ago so I suspect a possible wire edge too.

    Any one have any ideas? Sorry for making this so long but i don't really ever have a problem shaving and im kinda least its kinda close not BBS tho.

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    Every now and then I have a bad shave. It happened to me last week. I got three of those nicks that bite as soon as you touch the razor to your face, but before you actually move it. I haven't had one of those in close to year!

    It could be any number of reasons. Sometimes I get too aggressive, or my expectations have gone up - so I try too hard to get a "good" shave. It helps to go back to fundamentals from time to time. If you keep having problems, you'll have to think about the tools, etc.


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    If the blade feels different then it probably is. Check for a wire edge first.

    Just my two cents,
    Randolph Tuttle, a SRP Mentor for residents of Minnesota & western Wisconsin

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