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    Did/do you strop before you shave?

    Be very careful of the angle of the blade to your face.

    When people say 30 degrees, I figured that meant that the scales should be tilted out from my face by about 30 degrees. However, that is not a real measure of where it should be, due to blade geometry, etc. Try having the spine only barely off of your face, as mentioned, try only about the same distance off your face as the back of the razor is wide.

    Going to a lower blade angle was one of the first major improvements to my early shaves. Not only will it shave you smoother, but it will reduce the likelyhood of cuts. Higher blade angle makes the edge want to dig into your face, lower blade angle helps it glide across your face.

    Working on good stropping is also important to get a nice edge just prior to shaving.

    Take a hot shower.
    Lather up your face.
    Leave lather on your face, and strop your razor 20-30 round trips.
    Freshen up the lather on your face.
    Shave away!

    Keep at it! Getting a better and better shave is what makes straight shaving addictive. (OK, buying new razors is also addictive...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphim View Post
    Try having the spine only barely off of your face
    I agree. I think the two spine widths above the face rule can too easily be overjudged by a new person and make for too steep of an angle.

    If you essentially start by having the spine and edge flat against your face and lift the spine only slightly, you'll either cut some whiskers or you won't; but, you're almost assured of not cutting yourself or getting irritation. If you didn't cut whiskers, then lift the spine almost imperceptably higher. Then make some passes; chances are you'll cut a few more whiskers.

    My point is that you can always increase your angle from zero a small increment at a time, but if you start with what you think is the correct angle and it's actually too steep, irritation time and worse, you'll be more prone to nicking yourself.

    I've read some literature on some grinds (wedge comes to mind) where I swear it was recommended keeping the blade flat against the face for shaving.

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    Ok, I just started with a straight as well. I'd say that its not a bad experience, but I understand patience. I'm actually quite pleased with the results on my cheeks, but I logged on today to ask about the chin and lip. I just need to ease into it, then? Go with the ole Gilette on the chin for a while? Thanks for the advice, fellas. More in a week or two

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    I'm a newbie too, maybe a month into it, and I know where you are coming from. If its any comfort, I am now getting a more comfortable shave than I even got with a electric razor (thanks Mike_ratliff for the sharpening!). And its almost as close as either electric or blade.

    Hang in there, it will soon be more than worth it.

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    Default one newbie to another

    I have been doing this since March 4th 08 to save money mostly. Keep at it dude! It sounds like your on the right track. It took me months to get the correct form down. Always remember that a 30 degree angle is one width of the spine of the razor you have. That little tip helped me tremendously during my first month, and it is easy to see in the mirror. Another tip which helped me a lot is to use both hands. A "decent" shave can be achieved with your dominant hand, but it is a LOT better if you use both...left hand for left side etc...My razor is a Dovo Black star from Classic I paid for it to be honed by Lynn before I got it and it is still perfect four months later, no drag at all, and I only nick myself when I am being stupid and using too much pressure.

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