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    Default First full face shave


    I tried shaving with straights twice before today, but I did the "goatee" area with my Extreme3. I know I shouldn't, but these days my face don't seem to remember that I'm an adult now and keeps sending me some dirty acne, even if I wash it twice a day.

    Anyway. I stropped my Double Arrow, put some green proraso on my face as a preshave while lathering some TGC Provence Lavender soap. Hot towel, apply lather, and GO.

    Two passes with the grain. It went well. Even with my noob skills, my chin is in better shape that with the Schick.

    Only 2 small nicks. One in the mustache area, wich I guess can happen the first times, and another one near the sideburn where I just made a bad move and the tip of the rasor got on my cheek. I'm glad it was a round point. But still, these are minor cuts.

    I guess I'll keep shaving WTG for the next week and then try accross.

    Some spots are quite tricky and I have to say I had to spend some time asking myself "How the hell can I strech my skin to be able to shave that spot?". That's what "learning" is right?

    I finished with Nivea products for sensitive skin, both the balm and the moisturizer. Not too expensive and they seem to work for me.

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    Excellent: I'm happy to hear that your first full face shave went well. Taking one's time is a good thing to remember.

    As for the help of the Extreme 3, there is no should or shouldn't. If you don't feel comfortable shaving your whole face, it is ok to do it part by part (if I remember well, it is Lynn's advice in his DVD). The shave must be enjoyable and comfortable. Some people shave the whole face with changing hands the first time, other not, there is no rule (other than what you feel).

    Keep up the good work!

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    you're well on your way cybrok

    you are right, that's what learning is so just keep at it!
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    Congratulations! You're doing great Cybrok ... and nicks occasionally happen to everyone, even old fogies like me.

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