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    Default Avid safety razor user, new to the true shave...

    Just wanted to let everyone know that all the material on the site really helped me decide to plunge into straight razor shaving. Been using a safety razor with Merkur blades since my grandfather taught me how-

    Now, I get to try my first classic purchase(s). I went with a refurb'd Wade&Butcher 13/16 and a Geneva Pyramid 11/16. Now, I have been using a Dovo shavette for practice for over 6 months to get my bearings, and, I still can get a good cross-grain on my throat and right moustashe because of the coarse and crazy growth lines, but might as well start doing it for real.

    Still trying to find a nice hone and strop before I try them, even though the seller got them shave ready for me (versus purchasing new and sending them off). I've almost decided on an old ceramic hone I found at a shop in town... but you can never really know. We'll see if a good deal on a used but quality strop comes up soon.

    Thanks again for all the great threads and information about quality razors.

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    Welcome to SRP!

    I think you will find that a lot of us came from the ranks of DE shavers and that if you need one , there will always be a member available with some advice to help you overcome the learning curve. Good luck, and keep posting.

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