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    Default Technique?

    I am a one hand shaver, a newbie. I am still trying to figure out the best angles and grips and motions. I was not unhappy with my results but I've been guessing the results could be better. Yesterday I tried a bit more aggressive scything motion on the right side of my chin. I nicked myself a little; but besides that the result is a superb close shave and my best result in that area so far. I got surprised how close I can get there. Obviously that taught me how a technique makes a day and night difference and what to strive for. Now I know how badly I suck and how much space for improvement there is for me!

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    It is frustrating to find that you can get a better shave with a mach whatever then with a straight while you read that others are getting bbs with theirs. It took me many shaves and a truly shave ready razor to get my technique to where it needed to be. It just takes time to learn stretching, and as was said before, blade angle and strokes.

    If the razor isn't really shave ready it can skip over the hair. Some will be cut some will not. A sharp razor should whip through your chin whiskers easily. If it doesn't do that it isn't sharp enough IME.
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