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    Default uneven sharpness

    Hi All,

    Im a few weeks into my TI and I'm loving it. I think I've improved my shaving technique and getting pretty efficient at it. However, I feel like my blade is always sharper towards the handle than tip. I don't know if its my stropping or what. Anyone have similar experiences?

    I'm also looking for a place in the San Francisco bay area to hone my razor. Does anyone know of a good place?


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    try a real steep x pattern on the strop bring 3/4 of the razor off the strop at the end of each stroke for 20 laps or so and see if that dosnt work

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    Default hone

    uneven sharpness could be a problem .do you have chro2? paddle strop?
    you can use it and try to strop more dull part of the blade it may help. as far that blade is shave ready condition. if it wasn't you would have a lot complaining.
    about honing
    check classified section all people in there who hones blades.good luck
    and have fun with shaving.

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    Did you buy the razor shave ready ? If so did it feel this way from the beginning ? It is not uncommon for a razor to be sharper in one area than in another. IMO the person who honed it should have given it a little more attention in the less sharp area.

    OTOH, if the part that is lacking has done the majority of the cutting it would figure that it would begin to lose keenness with use. Then there is stropping. One or two mishaps with the strop can dull an edge. I don't know if there are any members in the Bay area. Someone will no doubt be along that will be able to tell you.In addition there is an SRP map somewhere showing geographical locations of some members. I don't know where to find it.
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