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    Default Decision making for Newbies

    I had occasion today to take a fast inventory on my " stuff " and it occurred to me that newbies might benefit from having a gander at all our inventories. I propose that we dedicate this thread to the new guys who have no idea what they are in for as far as "aquisition disorder" is concerned. Posting your inventory might be sort of a guiding light for those just getting started to give them an inkling of which direction to go. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just trying to help.

    This is my meager inventory so far ---------
    1 set of Nortons, 2 coticules, 1Belgian Blue, 1 three line Swaty, 1 Escher, 1 very hard Black Arkansas, 1 Chinese 12k, 1 Chosera 10k, 1 Naniwa 12k, 1 Shapton 16k, 1 Nakayama, Hand American CrOx paste and powder, Dovo red, yellow, white pastes, Dovo red and black pastes, 1.0 diamond paste, .5 diamond paste, .25 diamond paste, .25 diamond spray, Cerium Oxide powder, 9 leather flatbed strops which I made, 2 balsawood strops which I made and 4 flatbed wool strops which I made.

    Hanging strops include 2 Dubl-Duks from the 60's, 3 horsehides - two with linen - one with cotton, 1 good quality Red Latigo with cotton, my grandfather's very good quality finish strop from the 20's or 30's ( still in good shape ), 2 topgrain cowhide/linen strops which I made myself and they have developed a nice drag to their surface.

    If this idea of helping new guys doesn't catch on, I guess I'll find out in a New York minute..... Thanks anyway. Jerry
    OOOPS! Pass the styptic please.

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    Nice idea for a thread. I cordially invite anyone to review What hone(s) do I need? - Straight Razor Place Wiki, in which we have tried to compile some general hints. I think that the article could use some more explanations, though, and may one or two "typical" setups.

    Just for the record:

    1. Norton 1/4/8k
    2. Belgian BBW/Coticule natural combination
    3. Escher
    4. 2 mystery hones which were used by Zwillingswerk in the 70s
    5. Various strops, one of them with Dovo red and green (I would not do that again)

    I'm with the majority of the honemeisters that for a beginner, synthetic hones will yield consistent, predictable results (at least my Nortons do, albeit that they may not be state of the art anymore). I like my natural hones better, but then again, I like old things in general.

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    Haven't really got acquisition disorder:

    2 Dovo Inox
    1 Paddle Strop/Hone
    1 col Conk Brush
    5 tubes of shave cream (this is where my disorder is)

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