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    Decent razor, decent price. I have a 7/8 (15/16), 5/8, and a 1/2 size straights in my rotation. They are also spike points and round points. If your technique is solid, you can get a great shave with any of them and it will not be much of an effort. I like the spike point since they can do some nice touch up work in tight spaces.

    For those who may get a little cut with the spike point going WTG over the cheeks, just puff your check out a little to get the spike point off the skin during this movement.

    They all are great. My biggest preference is how sharp can I get them, the effort to maintain them, and how well they shave.

    Good Luck!


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    I have a (and in some cases others...): 4/8s (1); 9/16s (2); 5/8s (lots); 11/16s (1); 6/8s (lots); 13/16 (1); and a 8/8 (1)

    And I would say the dividing line is 11/16s. With the 11/16s I had to check with a ruler. Anything under looks small and feels small, anything over looks bigger and feels bigger. The way I personally feel is the the bigger ones are more of and experience, the smaller ones are better daily shavers. (hence my sig lol)

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