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    Default instant RAD... HAHA

    I had about 7 shaves with my straight so far and i'm having awesome results. I have gotten razor burn (1st shave), cuts (2-4 shaves) but the last 3 I have learned to get a baby but close shave WTG then ATG on my cheeks. I have followed Lynn's basic rule of starting with the sideburns then cheeks etc. I have focused on just my cheeks and constently working on stretching the skin, working angles, and light touch.
    but I won't get ahead of myself by shaving the neck until I can continuously get good results on my cheeks.
    Now I just bought a Merkur HD 34c from SRD and I can't wait to get that shave ! uh oh, RAD in Progress?

    THANK YOU VETERANS OF SRP that have always given good feedback on the frustrations of newbie straight shaving !

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    A Mercur HD? That's not RAD, thats backsliding you sinner!

    Seriously though, good purchase

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    Merk? What a waste of money :-P

    You should have gone for the EJ89 with the new head on it. Best DE ever, and about the same price.

    I used to do DEs, but I'm completely set on straights now. I love them.

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