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    I would send it to one of the fine honemeisters in the classifieds. There are so many variables needed to all come together to get a good close comfortable shave, that I would get the question of if a razor is properly shave ready out of the way first off. Then you will know for sure that it is one of the other variables such as, but not limited to, your stropping, prep, pressure, angle, and stretching. Get it sharpened then, have fun learning to use it.

    Edit: Flylot, I see exactly what you mean.
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    If the razor was sold to you as new, here is a really easy way to tell.

    Was the box sealed as it may have been originally from the factory?

    If so, it's not shave ready. It may have a "factory shave ready" edge on it, but that will never be as good as an edge honed by a professional.

    Also, a "look-over" can't determine shave readiness. If that's all he did, it's probably not shave ready.

    You're on the right track sending it to Lynn. What you receive back will certainly be shave ready. It may even be shave enthusiastic!

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