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    nice!............. didnt know that was doable with all the talk of using it seems like 6 diffrent stones then crox and then strop........but then again it is also something i have not attempted yet..still waiting for that barber hone to come in so i can do a touch up one one of my razors...hope i dont wreck it

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    Kudos for making what you have work! Marine Corps background? Assuming you cannot afford even the cheapest antique store barber hone to finish your edge on, which would definitely improve it, I can recommend moving up the grit to 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper on a thick piece of glass. You will be amazed that your razor can pass HHT after that alone. But, it won't shave as smoothly as a truly honed blade, that's where your CroOx paddle and good stropping will come in to smooth out the edge. Don't skip the linen. If you PM me, I have lots of old barber hones and would gladly send you one gratis.

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    Welcome and am glad to see your having good results with what is available to you.
    Consider where you will spend ETERNITY !!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Croaker View Post
    I have lots of old barber hones and would gladly send you one gratis.
    And that is what SRP really is all about !!!!

    Good on you Croaker,

    The barber's hone will really help to smooth out the edge...

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    Croaker, that offer is greatly appreciated, and a PM regarding it has been sent. Thank you.

    I used to have some 2000 and 3200 grit automotive sandpaper, but that's gone now, and I couldn't locate any at the time. I also don't have a linen strop. Maybe I'll try to figure out how to make one.

    I have done a bunch of woodworking with hand tools and hard, exotic, blade-dulling woods. So, I have a lot of experience with general sharpening from that. Nothing quite as demanding as a razor, but at least a razor has the spine there to help keep the bevel right.

    As far as the results, I've stopped doing my chin with the straight razor for now, because I just nick myself too much. On my cheeks and jaw, the shave is normally not quite as close, and not quite as comfortable, as a Mach 3. I have no idea how much of that is technique, and how much is the equipment.

    Thanks everyone.

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