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Thread: Strop Advice

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    My 827 got a small nap almost like a carpet once broken in. It has a ton of draw and you can see the nap change direction with each pass. I have also noticed that the leather side is streatching to about a good 1/2 inch longer then the linen side. I wonder if I am pulling on it too hard?


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    I have the SRD Bridal, Tony Miller Latigo and Horse hide and CarrieM has the SRD Premium 1 w/Nylon. The SRD Bridal is a great strop and is also my go to strop. The TM strops are also very good. The Latigo has a heavy draw and the Horse hide almost no draw. The SRD Premium 1 is also a very good strop w/ a little less draw that the Bridal as delivered.

    I would suggest one of the quality strops from SRD since there is no wait. Nylon is good if you don't use pasts or sprays, one of the cloth if you will or prefer cloth. If you can't decide give SRD a call and let the experts there assist you and are most familiar with their products.
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    Being a huge #827 fan I will tell you that they are hard to beat,

    But like Zib and several others have said I find myself going to my SRD Premium I as my every day strop..

    I use the 827 after I hone a razor so it still sees a ton of work, the linen does "break" in and yes the leather will stretch out, but if you hold both handles when you strop, you will stop that with any make of strop...
    Also it is recommended by just about everyone, to rub the strop before you start, with the heel/palm until the leather warms.. I was taught that 29 years ago by the barber that got me into this hobby, I always just assumed it was a standard parctice....He told me that is was to soften the waxes in the leather so the razor slides easier, made sense to me then, and still does now...

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