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    Default I Finally Enjoy Shaving

    Hey All,

    So I found this place thanks to my cousin (McJacob71990) and I have really enjoyed reading through the threads. Anyways, I am currently using a safety razor that i found at an antique store (Gillette Red Tip), but I think I'm ready to become a real man and move up to the straight razor. I'm pretty sure I'll go with a Dovo best quality 6/8, but wondering if you all have any suggestions.

    On Jan. 1st I stopped shaving 1) because i hate shaving and 2) wanted to grow a beard. Well, once i decided to shave it off I decided to enjoy shaving instead of dreading it. Well, I definitely enjoy wet shaving, i don't know why anyone shaves with an electric, but i digress.

    So if any of you have any tips and tricks for a youngster like me I would really appreciate it!


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    Welcome, Go to the beginners section of the WIKI and do a lot of reading.
    Start the shaving with only the sideburn area and cheek. Make sure to have good prep. The angle of blade will also determine comfort of shave.
    All this is in the Wiki. Good luck and good shaving
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    Tip #2 ... Always keep your razor closed or open less than 90º when placing down on hard surfaces. Any more may allow the edge to contact & get damaged.
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    Welcome to SRP! Shave On...

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    hooray erik

    brothers in the razor....

    er cousins

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    Hey Dorn. Welcome to the club. I've been shaving with a straight for the last couple of months, so I'm pretty new here too. I know you shave with a safety, so you must know some basic rules already. However, I think I can give you some advice to help you through some things we rookies go through:

    1. Don't give up on SR shaving. The first shaves are definitely not good ones. You'll face will end up irritated, and most likely you'll have to finish your first shaves with the safety razor. Nevertheless, it's amazing how your technique (angle, pressure, stady hand, etc.) goes better shave after shave.

    2. Practice your stropping technique. A good stropping can be the difference between a smooth and comfortable shave and looking like if somebody threw you to the lion's cage. Yes, seriously.

    3. Late for work/school/whatever? Don't shave. If you're in a hurry, you'll find new ways to nick and cut your face.

    I've been shaving with a SR for about 2 months now, and I love it. I'm serious on this: with each shave, you'll notice how you're getting better at it, so don't give up. Until I got a better grip of the whole thing, I had to finish my shaves with the good ol' Gillette Fusion. However, my technique got better and better until I no longer had to finish with the safety razor. Granted, my shaves are still nothing to brag about in these forums, and certainly a long way from beeing BBS (baby bottom-smooth), but they're good enough to go out to the street with them.

    I hope you like shaving with a SR. Cheers.

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    My shift from a Mach 3 to staight shaving was so worth it and I look forward to my BBS shaves everytime I shave.

    Yes, there is a learning curve, weepers, and a few small cuts, but when I started getting consistent BBS shaves - Holy Cow!

    No knock on the DE and it will come in handy from time to time.

    Good Luck!


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