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    Quote Originally Posted by airbus001 View Post
    Is it possible for a carbon steel straight razor to be as sharp as a Dovo Shavette or Feather razor?
    Yes. It takes a good hone set, a practiced hand and a good stropping
    technique. A Feather blade IMO sets a very high standard.

    The shavette and feather blades have one advantage.
    They coat and fuse a thin layer of Teflon on the blade.
    This coating is a real advantage....

    A hand honed blade also has advantages. Smoothness
    and freshness. A factory blade edge out of a box can start our harsh
    then be fine even wonderful for two shaves and then is dull for one or more
    shaves... A personal blade gets stropped prior to each shave
    it gets honed when it should. With modern hones and
    touch up strop pastes a str8 can be smoother and sharper than all but the
    very very best factory blades, or not depending on the preference
    of the owner. I like my blades about second day Artisan Feather
    sharp and with a personal blade I can do just that (most days.

    In all cases it is steel against whiskers.

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