I had two DE shaves last week. Both were good, but today's shave really rounds it out.

Shower, Pure Badger brush and Col Conk Amber, Lather, attack...

Did the two sides with my Dovo straight (had it honed by ShavedZombie, assuming he did a good job because I'm smooth and mostly bloodless.) Wasn't impressed with the performance on WTG, but XTG and ATG (which i've never done before today because with a normal razor it's horrible) both cleaned my my face very well. Went on to do the neck, which was probably easier and less irritating with the straight than with anything else.

Cleaned it all up with the DE. The only areas i didn't want to try with the straight were my scar (on the point of my chin) and upper lip.

I did notice one thing that might be worth comment:

It seemed that using hot water on the brush is kinda helpful, as it does aid in the cutting, but when i held the DE under the water to clean it it was heating up the blade (water runs hot enough to be uncomfortable to the touch here) and that made it cut AMAZINGLY. Merkur Super blades, btw.

Didn't try that with the straight, as i was almost finished with i realized that. Any comments?