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    Default Back on board!

    I jumped into the straight razor deal head first in May of last year. Got myself a good starter set, 3 different razors in a couple months, a nice mug, strope, an assortment of yummy flavored things from TSD and then 2 months into...I just stopped. I got frusterated at the fact my blades never seemed as nice as the day I got them after only a few shaves. Lynn touched them up once, and they were PERFECT, for a few weeks...then they pulled a little and I just stopped.

    Well....I got laid off last week (no need to feel sorry, the severance was generous!) and tonight I just picked this Wedge blade that I had never really liked and just had the shave of my life!!! It was terrific, therapeutic even.

    All three razors are heading out to get honed again this week. I either need to learn how to sharped these things on my own, or find someone local though. Shipping them out sucks!

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    Nice to hear you had such a great shave. I've grown to love straight shaving for the therapeutic reason you mentioned.

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    You need to get a finish hone , 8k or finer . Once you have a shave ready razor , to start with , maintaining the edge is fairly easy . When the razor starts to pull a little , all you need to do is give it 5 light strokes on your finish hone , and give it a good stropping . You'll be good to go until the razor starts pulling a little again . This is simple maintainence honing , and is relatively easy to learn . Give it a try . If you mess up (you won't) , the worst that can happen is that you will have to send it out to be honed , which was what you were going to do anyway .
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    Welcome back to the fold.
    Sounds like your edges don't last as long as mine. Could be your stropping. Could be that your stubble just does that to a blade. Another option it may be worth you considering is a pasted strop. A few swipes over some CrO when things start to dull should bring the blade back up to scratch.

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