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    Default Progression and feedback on SRP


    I felt to share with you a bit of my progression since i posted some questions on the forums and didnt give an overall feedback of where i am now.

    As i explained in some of my post, i'm quite bad at keeping my razors sharp and i feel i'm really on a quest to find out why and how!

    So I posted a question about buying a new strop. At some time i taught my strop was the problem and was dulling my razors . But by reading M. Lawson other posts (Thank you M. Lawson) i really digested the idea that it IS technique. Actually, with an improved technique i feel my strop is great now, and i manage to bring back to life a nice wedge i bought in last.

    So like pretty much all newbie from what i have red, i dulled my razors by stropping. I feel relieved now to know it and to finally got the feeling of improvement in the edge condition of my razors.

    Now i'm going to attack the next problem, shaving the goatee area! Problem: technique! Solution: angle, angle, angle!!!! and patience :P

    On the side, i want to thanks all SRP users who helped me and also thanks to M. Lynn for creating this group. Sometimes i feel we, newbees, can't never show enough gratitude to all you guys.



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    Thanks for sharing and congrats for sticking with it..! It just keeps getting better and better..!

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    Your determination and perseverance will reward you. I had a lot of trouble with honing, but kept working on some old razors I set aside for practice, and after a lot of practice, I am happy now with my ability to get my razors sharp and keep them sharp.

    Progress will come!

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    After nearly three years of shaving exclusively with a straight razor daily I find my shaving technique is still improving. I notice it every so often. Sort of being on a plateau for a period of time and then almost imperceptibility climbing higher. The same goes for stropping and for honing, lathering.... all phases of shaving. I guess the more we practice, assuming we are doing it correctly, the better we get.
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    +1 on prior posts.
    Wow, it’s been some time since I’ve reached a plateau of any kind. Let me think…. How long has it been??? Been awhile. I should be due.

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