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    Default First shave with my cleaned up Henckel

    A while ago I purchased my first straight, a pre 1930s Henckel. It was stained and petinad with some light rust but very minimal hone wear. All things I learned on here where good for 15 dollars. Shortly after I found a bone or horn handle Wade & Butcher with what I felt was excesive hone wear but the blade was beautifuly engraved so I picked it up just cause I liked it. The W&B came to me with an excillent edge on it and it was out of curiosity that I tried to shave with it. What a great first shaving experience. NO razor burn at all and a small slice under my ear because I was being stupid. After some work cleaning and honing the Henckel this morning I was able to shave with it after some strop work. This is by far a better shave then with my Injector. No razor burn again, no nicks or cuts. This is my first two times using a straight razor and I fricken love it. Thanks to everyone on this forum for all the information I have recieved lurking around here for hours at a time. Viva Straight Razor!!
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    Congrats on your first straight shaves! Welcome to the club

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