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    Quote Originally Posted by UWPete View Post
    I have only been at this a few months and planned to try ATG after I got comfortable. Now that I am getting better shaves than the M3 with just two passes WTG I am probably going to forgo the ATG altogether. That said, I have very light facial hair, so I can go every other day, and I am not dealing with a beard. It would seem that the volume of hair growth, and thickness, would have an impact on the need for ATG to get a good shave. Maybe someone can speak to that...
    I've been shaving daily since I was in 7th grade and I don't even need an ATG pass, it's all about being willing to practice new techniques and unlearn what you have Yoda and Picasso would say.

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    Default On ATG passes and the meaning of life

    There are many kinds of ATG passes. I have no difficulty with ATG passes on my neck or on my chin, and going ATG in those areas results in a much closer shave. Shaving the chin, the area below and at the sides of the mouth, and the moustache area ATG gets good results but the risk increases in these areas as does the commitment of time.

    When I shaved with a DE, I just made one, long-stroked ATG pass from the neck area all the way to the top of the cheek, then did some touching up around the mouth and chin. I was hoping to be able to do that with straights, but the mouth and chin area are starting to take time that I'm not sure is paying off in shave quality. I just might convert over to WTG and XTG and see how that goes. Just like Pee Wee Herman, I'm a rebel.
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    I have a corporate gig and shave one pass WTG every morning before work. I have tried an ATG pass exactly twice in my wet shaving endeavor. There will not be a third attempt.

    In my opinion, the idea that an ATG pass is required to achieve BBS is overrated. You'd be better served in the long run to master the one-pass shave before trying to move on, and your skin will thank you as well. Just some free advice, and it's worth exactly what you paid for it!

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    Wink The Amazing Shrinking Keratin

    Throw in how hair expands when hydrated, which is what we are doing with the hot and moist towel pre-shave prep and you can get a really close shave with XTG passes. Once the hairs shrink back to normal, that is.

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