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    Welcome aboard! +1 for the suggestion to purchase through either the SRP Classifieds or whippeddog. You'll get an excellent shave ready razor at a bargain price. I have two straights. One came from the Classifieds and the other from whippeddog. Between the two, I spent less than $100. Even though they're both over 100 years old, they perform flawlessly.

    You should be able to get everything you need for about $150, maybe a bit more.

    $30-$35 for a straight, $25 for a decent strop, $10-$20 for a tub of good cream (eg, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Proraso, Truefitt & Hill), $50 for a decent badger hair brush, $5 for an alum block, and $8+ for aftershave, depending on what you like (BTW don't confuse aftershave w/ cologne. They serve two entirely different purposes).

    Welcome to your new obsession!

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    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I'm looking at the SR websites as I type this...

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