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    Talking The most UNREAL shave EVER!

    Hey guys,

    I just got finished with a awesome shave! I did not do my regular hot soaks and the ritual of softening my beard...

    I was in a hurry, I wet my face for only a minute or two, as I started to lather up (mug & brush) I spotted my new bottle of Tea Tree Oil...

    I thought...

    Antiseptic? Check...

    Soothes scrapes/cuts/scratches? Check

    Nice smell? Check

    Oil - lubrication? Check

    What the hell? Check, Check and .... Check...

    So I opened it and put 5 or 6 drops on the dry soap, wet the brush swirled it around really good trying to build a lather...


    It kinda died... Oh well, a few more swirls and give it a try...

    MANNNN When it went on it was not the usual soapy coating, rather, it was a really really rich creamy lotion type of layer.

    Interesting I thought...

    I had stropped my Sumates Barber razor ($28.00...) really good, it had a wicked edge to it...

    I got ready, placed it at my sideburn and pulled down.... I heard the beard as it was nicked off as the blade traveled downward...

    I reached up, felt where it had just passed...

    NOT A SINGLE HAIR, NO STUBBLE AT ALL! Smooth as a baby's butt!

    I finished the shave with the same results all over. I did not have to make two and three passes to get the stubble that was left over.

    One pass down, one across... NO STUBBLE any where!

    If you want to put a twist on your next shave, try adding a few drops of Tea Tree Oil.

    NO irritation, in fact no redness at all... Anywhere!

    I have found a way to step up my shaves!

    I had to share...

    Still amazed by how it feels, and the oil makes your skin tingle as well.

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    Cool. now have to go and find some tea tree oil .

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    That's what it's all about man! Those are the shaves that keep us all going. Congrats.
    "The ability to reason the un-reason which has afflicted my reason saps my ability to reason, so that I complain with good reason..."
    -- Don Quixote

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    What soap were you using?

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    Default Wants an unreal shave.

    Quote Originally Posted by AxelH View Post
    What soap were you using?
    +1 to that Q.

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