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    Quote Originally Posted by AFDavis11 View Post
    I'll toss in my two cents. Might be the last time I do for a while. Most guys focus on the razor when they start out, but the harder part, is the strop.

    A good razor or five is terrific, but the strop keeps them all shaving well.

    In the beginning you'll spend too much on a strop you'll likely nick and cut, after that you'll likely not spend enough on the tool that influences the quality of every shave.
    +1 on that. Can you reverse the strop cycle? Stem the tide of beautiful Russians getting slashed and trashed, followed by cheap replacements that don't serve as well?

    To everyone else: Feel free to replace Russians with Latigo's, Shell's, etc...your preference.

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    In regards to the Weishi comment left.
    For me, and the disclaimer to this is that I was definitely just starting out, I found that I had to keep making pass after pass, after pass, to get a good shave. This started to irritate my skin horribly. I normally do a traditional 3 pass shave but the weishi required so much touch up afterwords. I would be running my blade over my face, and I could hear some whiskers being cut, but upon closer evaluation, there would still be many that the razor did not cut. This is partially because the razor is such a mild shaver, and the other part to that is that the razor lacked weight. This made it very difficult since, I believe the best shaves with DE's are done with purely the weight of the razor head.
    After owning a razor like a EJ 89L, I can safely say the experience was night and day. I'm sure people can get good shaves with weishi's after learning there personality, but the shave with a better razor just makes things so much easier, and pleasurable. I highly recommend the EJ 89 L, it looks and feels great, yields a great shave, has an identical Muehle head (60$ for the Muehle if I'm not mistaken) and it's not expensive. Just my humdrum still noobish opinion.
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