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    Dude.... while you start shaving with a straight anyway (cos it rocks)... I would just go and get your legs waxed.

    From a fellow cyclist and triathlete.. shaving sucks and you won't looks back. It is not too uncomfortable and over time the hair
    density decreases. I get mine done every six to eight weeks.

    That's my cents worth.... Good luck


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    Baldie - I'm going to be honest... waxing to me just seems masochistic. I shave approximately every three days right after I get out of the shower. It's not too much work, I just hate these razors. A double edge seems to be a good choice if they shed hair pretty well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dietzr View Post
    Jem: My legs actually itch less when I shave them because I put lotion on 'em. As far as when the hair grows back, I average like a sixteenth of an inch of growth per day in the winter. It only sucks for like two days.

    Carrie: Round point? Additionally, do double edge or safety razors (are these the same?) shed hair better than disposables?
    DE and safety razors are the same. They can clog, but no where near as bad as disposables. Depends on the length of the hair. If you are shaving every 3 days or so you shouldn't have a problem

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    I shave my girlfriend's legs with a straight. (She hasn't worked herself up enough to try it solo yet) I definitely agree with the comment about using a round point. With some research on the site, you'll see that straights come in all different shapes and sizes. But round point will make your life much easier getting around the knees and ankles. As a counter point, you'll probably want to stay away from a spike or a square. As for the actual shaving of the knee area, i find that using two hands is a MUST. For example, since the skin around the knee is so abundant and flexible as is needed for movement, you can easily pull the skin on the knee cap to the side which will give you a more level surface to slide the razor down. Play around with bending the knee versus straightening. I think mostly you'll just have to allow for a quite a bit more time shaving than you would with the disposables, at least until you start to get the hang of it. Slow and Steady will win this particular race =P

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