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Thread: Razor Tip: squared or rounded

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obie View Post
    I'll be more than happy to mentor you, if you like. You're welcome to drop me a personal message.



    Take Obie up on the offer - I did. He's a great mentor and a true gentleman!

    I was so hyped about starting to use a straight. When I received my first straight, a spike point flawlessly honed by Lynn, my first thought was "OMG, I'm never going to have the b*lls to put that thing to my face". Even though Obie is in Wisconsin and I'm in Alabama, he "talked me off the ledge" and was a cool, calm voice amidst my newbie panic.

    As for spike vs. no spike, I don't think you can go wrong with either. I chose the spike as I usually sport a Van Dyke, and the spike makes it easier to define the edges. I also have to agree with Jimmy - spikes and other non-rounds just plain look sexier. That being said not all of my razors are spikes. Obie encouraged me to have Lynn mute the spike, but (sorry Obie) that is one piece of his advice that I, uhmmm, ignored. As others have noted, having the spike means you must really be cognizant of where the spike is at all time. Of all the nicks (mostly minor) I've given myself, none of them have had anything to do with the spike, he said, looking for wood upon which to knock...

    Welcome to SRP!


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    I say go with the rounded. You are going to have your hands full as it is learning the mechanics of shaving with a straight razor. Why add to the complexity from the beginning? True, like Big Jim said, you could try and get it out of the way by learning it from the start, but I think MOST newbies would rather sacrifice that benefit and learn to HOLD and USE a rounded tip before stepping up to something a little more....pokey!

    Trust me, once you get halfway proficient with a straight, you're always going to be on the lookout to picking up more, and you can easily pick up a square pointed razor down the road. At least then, you won't be too concerned about learning how to shave, and instead you would only be focused on the sharp corner.

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    ;Square! Get it over with, or get it right! It really does not matter IMO ! "The edge is still there, round or square !"

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    Whoever hones your razor can dull the tip of a square tipped razor, and it will be almost as safe as a round tipped razor in my opinion. It takes just a second, is easy to do, is not visible, and can be easily undone during rehoning.

    After dulling, just the very fraction of an inch of the tip is dulled. But, if done correctly, you can hold the blade at a 45 degree angle and drag it across the palm of your hand without any danger of cut.

    Think about it. Every time you cut yourself with the tip, the cut starts at the very tip. By dulling, the tip never sinks into your face. Using an analogy, the dulled tip acts like a flotation device holding the rest of the cutting edge from sinking into your flesh.

    If you dull the tip - and it is easy enough to do that with a modest amount of instruction you can do it yourself - I don't think you should avoid square tips at all.

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    IMO it really doesnt matter, its personal preference, but if you learn on a spike a round tip will be easy whereas if you learn on a round tip you will have to learn the spike. Spikes are unforgiving and will ruthlessly take you to task for your indiscretions. A great teacher.
    It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. Twain

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    Pick the one that you like the looks of best its going to be your razor so it should fit your personality. If the square is the one that you must have so be it, or go for the round it they are both pro honed they will both shave equal.

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    Just get both of them and save yourself the tough decision this way you can learn to shave with both. Just be careful of the square point they are known to bite.

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