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Thread: Beginners Tips: April 2011

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    I like your short but very helpful tips.
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    On shaving pressure, I find two things seem to be on my mind when I'm shaving. One is "Just scoop off the shaving cream." Just using enough energy and angle to lift the cream cleanly off seems to bring the hair with it. A second, excess pressure is usually (for me) a substitute for the correct angle. If I have the angle right, seems like the edge catches the hair and "digs in" on its own. As I move the blade, I just try to maintain that feeling of the blade engaging every so slightly. For the difference, "shave" your face, then go back and shave the shaven area again, when there is no hair to engage the edge. You'll feel just a slight difference. That's all I go for.
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    I think the pressure thingy is super important for beginners. If you're under . . . well, fifty, you probably learned to shave with a cartridge-type razor. Those light weight plastic devils demand pressure! But trying to duplicate that feel with a straight -- or even a DE for that matter -- will put everyone in for a big surprise! One of the toughest things for newbies to get used to is hpw to back off the pressure and develop a light touch. I'm still working on it and I'm . . . well, let's just say I'm over fifty!

    Great series, Glen! Thanks. Love the new razor I got from you recently as well. It's a winner!

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