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Thread: So far so good!

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    Default So far so good!

    Been interested in straight razors since before I even needed to shave and finally picked up my first one a few weeks back from Larry (Whipped Dog)! Everything arrived so quick I hadn't even ordered the other stuff I 'need' so I've been going at it just steel and water and I have to say I'm actually enjoying shaving for the first time in years.

    I do have a couple of questions though:
    1) Cleaning the razor; it's a great shaver but doesn't look as spectacular as some others, I don't mind putting some work into cleaning it up but I've read conflicting information on pretty much everything. The razor is dingy and could do with a good polish but I'm not sure what I can use, and there is some rust in that hard to reach place on the tang between the scales (the shank?), I don't really want to remove the pins to get at it so any advice welcome.
    2) A hone; I'm going to need to hone my razor at some point but I have no idea where in the UK sells hones worth a damn. I'd like to eventually use a razor I've restored myself so I don't mind spending a bit of money on a hone with 2 grits that could in the future be used to restore a razor, even if it is a way off.

    Other than that, just waiting on my brush, soap and much needed alum block

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    Welcome to the forum and to straight shaving.

    You can use a metal polish like Flitz or Maas to clean the blade. You might consider put a thin strip of tape
    over the edge to protect yourself while doing this. I have had luck with dental floss and bristled pipe cleaners
    to get at the area near the pivot pin. You can put some oil or Maas on the pipe cleaner and gradually rub
    away the gunk.

    For now, to maintain your edge, you'll need nothing more than a strop and a Barber's Hone you can get cheaply
    from Ebay or in the classifieds here. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auraomega View Post
    2) A hone; I'm going to need to hone my razor at some point but I have no idea where in the UK sells hones worth a damn.
    Razor Hones
    Vintage Hone Stones & Abrasives for Sale

    I believe both are members here

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