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    It depends on whether you want a new razor or not.
    If you want a new one, and not another dovo, then you can pick a thiers issard from any of the available retailers.
    If you don't mind a second hand, you can buy any of the razors in the classifieds if it is shaveready.

    Don't let yourself be distracted by the names. W&B are good razors, but not moreso than Joseph Rodgers, Frederic Reynolds, Mappin, etc.
    It really doesn't matter that much. Same for the Solingen brands. Dubl duck is good. So is Otto Busch, Puma, and many of the other brands that existed in that day, with negligible differences.

    There is really nothing tangible (as far as shaving goes) that makes dubl ducks worth 3 times the price of similar razors, other than the collectibility.
    Focus on the style and size of what you want.

    Btw, you might want to invest in a pasted strop or touchup hone. That way you can keep your razors shaveready yourself as long as you don't damage the edge.
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