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    Lightbulb First Time With Shaving Cream

    So today i felt like trying something new and bought a shaving cream. Now from other threads and articles that i have read i thought hey, shaving cream sounds pretty nice so lets give it a go. It was not what i was expecting. I did the usual pre shave regimine and then opened the jar. it was creamy. I know its SHAVING CREAM, but i dont think i was expecting it to be that creamy. So when i went to whip it up on my brush it just kinda stuck there. I applied it, shaved with it, and it just wasnt what i was expecting. Seems to me i was expecting it to lather up a little, not as much as soap of course but at least a little and it didnt. And everytime i rinsed my razor i felt like i had wasted a little bit of it on my first go. And then when i went to clean out my brush, there was a ton of it within the britsles which made cleaning it a bit awful and very time consuming. Someone please tell me if i did something wrong so i can fix it. The shave was good but i am not one to waste anything.

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    Did you create a lather on your face or try to whip it up in a bowl? Either way I think you need to add more water to the cream. Next time make sure your brush has more water.
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    There are creams that are marketed as "Brushless", these don't lather and are designed to be applied with the fingers, could the cream possibly be one of these?

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    What is the brand of your cream? It might be helpful in trying to assess the problem.

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