Young kid at work got his first razor the other day. a nice pipe razor with red scales and a gun blued blade. got it for him from the classifieds cuz he is a country boy and really into knives. This kid sharpens all my knives. I swear he is one of those people who are good at everything they try! He can weld like you wouldnt believe. anyway I told him I would go in halves on some razor honing stuff if he will sharpen my blades for me lol. I will give him time to learn it but I already know he will pick it up fast, makes me sick LOL! Anyway he struts in all proud and has beard that he let grow out all the time he waited for his razor is nice and smooth. no cuts no burn perfect even on the chin. rotten kid ha ha! like I said the kid can do anything he tries and makes it look easy. plus he is a well mannered country boy and very humble, and thats a clue right there. If ya got to go around shouting it, you most likely arent as good as you think you are LOL!