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Thread: First razor problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fossala View Post
    I've been thinking about it this morning and I can't work out why I shouldn't get the Iwasaki. If I will get it eventually, what is the point of me learning a tool that I don't want (western razor). I know there is a steep learning curve but I still have my electric and disposables as backup for the hard to shave sections while I'm learning.

    Is there any reason you should NOT use it? What I see is that most people use western, so they get used to western razors. In turn the then say that what they are not used to using is harder.
    I think one of the reasons you are getting the "stay away" is that the Kamasori was designed for Monk A to shave the head of Monk B. It was not originally intended for Monk A to shave Monk A with it.
    It has a front and a back, is made to be held with the dominate/design hand. When you shave "western" you can (and most say should) learn to shave with both your dominate and "weak" hand so that you can get be best possible approach. WTG, XTG and ATG normally requires shifting the grip and hand as you move around your face.

    If you are using a Kamasori to shave someone else this is not a problem. When you shave yourself you are going to have to make compromises...lots of them.
    Either hold the blade "backwards" (face in) and/or limit the direction of the pass and your ability to see what you are doing.

    Want the style of a Kamasori but the directional flexibility of a western? Give a Feather type razor a look.

    In the end you get to do what you want to do, like someone said in another post about the subject "it's your face and your razor, you do whatever you want".

    I do know that the info I received on SRP saved me money, time and blood...and made learning how to use a Straight a great experience.

    Good luck!

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    Lots of theories here about Japanese razors. Them and a buck fifty will get me on the bus.

    In Japan most use an electric razor. The use of kamisori in Japan is such that straight shaving would be a common occurrence in the U.S by comparison. When I got my first Tosuke about 9 years or so ago my friend in Japan went into a big all purpose Hardware store in Tokyo and found some in an obscure corner and the clerk asked him why in the world would he want one of those. The few kamisori they had there had been sitting there for years. I personally have this strange feeling that most barbers in Japan who use them learned their use as a tool to shave women's faces which is common there and shaving men's faces is a different task they never learned and kind of adapted. But that's just a feeling I have.

    In the end it's just another shaving instrument and another opportunity to extend your shaving horizons. Don't fear them just learn them and poppycock to all the naysayers and "experts".
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    I was considering a Kamisori a while ago, and decided not to buy one just right now. I didn't want to confuse myself just now. When I got in to Vintage Germ,an Medium Format cameras I bought 7 different cameras, one after the other. I should have stuck with just one for longer, as I really did confuse myself a little.

    I've never used a Kamisori, but I guess if that was what you were going to use then you'd get used to it. You're right, ethnicity has nothing to do with it, in this instance. However, everytime I go to a Chinese restaurant I always srart out using chop sticks and then say 'what am I doing, I'm not Chinese, and pick up the fork'. However, in this instance, it's not really the same, as you haven't 'grown up' with either a straight OR a Kamisori; so it's not like learning to use a Kamisori isn't valid just because you're not Japanese.

    I wonder what that razor looks like without the rubber grip? I was looking at a similar one a while ago and, while considering buying it, couldn't decide if I DID buy it if I'd remove the rubber handle and use it either without any grip or wrap waxed string around it like the string I used when I was stationed on a Navy ship years ago.

    I hope you have fun learning both razors.
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