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    Default High quality instructional videos.

    Couldn't think of a better title, sorry. I plan on doing a series of videos on straight razor hohning, stropping, restoring, etc. I've seen a few, but I'd like to do something with much higher production values. Does anyone have any idea for topics? Obviously, I will do videos on a few methods of hohning, stropping, maybe how to look after a strop. how to flatten a hohn, some basic stuff about cleaning up an old blade/scales and re-pinning...anyone have any other topics they'd like to see covered? Also, I've only been messing around with these things for a year, so if anyone can point me to good articles on the relevant subjects on this site, that would be great, and the videos would all contain shameless plugs for this site.

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    Looking foreward to your projects.

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    Welcome Sweeny,
    Use the "Library" section to research your topics. Can't wait to see your videos.

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