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Thread: 2nd Time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiddle View Post
    Ok, welsh time to pony is the third going? (Drum roll please)
    Ok Here it is, First let me say, since I have joined this group and started to shave with a CUT THROAT razor, It has brought me into contacted with so many people. People that are well educated, people with a great deal of help and sympathy and people who really care. All these people unfortunately I didnt fined on here.
    All these people, one a receptionist, the other a nurse and the other, A FKING PLASTIC SURGEON ! was found in Cardiff Hospital.
    But today's shave I must say, was a great success, it was a success in as much as, I didn't break my nose., No! cos when I sliced the fker off ,it fell to the floor onto a towel that I had around my waist. The towel fell off me just as my nose was taking its down wards dive. As this happened the lady that had come to measure for new curtains was passing the bathroom door. She screamed out , O MY GOD!! , at first I just stood there with a big smile on my face, thinking , YERRRR MAN,she is impressed. Only to then fined it was my nose taking that dive to the floor she was screaming about.
    Yer ok i will admit that's quite a size too, but things could have been worse , cos if the towel had not been on the floor I could have also broken my nose.
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