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Thread: Beginners Tips: Sept - Oct 2012

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    Post Beginners Tips: Sept - Oct 2012

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    I have to apologize for the combined tips these last two months as I was busy with the Denver Meet up and the Spokane Meet up..

    Which brings me to these tips

    The single biggest question that I was asked in person and also something I see on here quite often was a version of this, so I thought I would take some time to talk a bit about it...

    Q = YMMV - One of the biggest issues with us New guys is the amount of conflicting information and how you Senior guys keep telling us YMMV why is that...

    A = Your Milage May Vary really has to do with all the variables that occur with shaving of any type, one of the biggest advantages of Straight Razor shaving is the fact that we can adjust so many things to the individual user...
    The possibilities are endless, just think about the razor itself, you can adjust Size, Grind, Steel, Point, Sharpening, Stropping, Angle, Pressure, and I am probably missing some...
    The adjustablity is why SR shaving is considered to be the most comfortable once yopu have it dialed to your face...
    Now add in the other factors of shaving like Prep, Lather, Brush, Pre-shave, Aftershave, Balms, Alum, the list is near endless..

    All these "Adjustments" add together to make the shave the best for your face which has even more variables.. This is why there is no set "Best" we are not being evasive we just can't really answer, we can only say what works "Best" for us..

    One thing we strive for on SRP is to try and guide New guys down the "Easiest" path the one that we have found over time to work for the greatest amount of people.. This easy path might not be the "Best" path for you and you might need to step off onto a side path quicker then another, but until you try you won't know

    Use the Search Feature
    Check the Local Help page see if somebody is near you
    Check the Get Together Forum see if there is a Meet coming up near you
    The membership here is always willing to help
    Look for the senior members that have a Mentor Badge they are even more willing to help newbs
    BTW all Mods are also Mentors
    Ask a question in the forums

    SRP is really all about helping each other succeed in this sport

    Hope this helps, and as always I encourage the Senior Members to add to this thread with their opinions after all YMMV
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    Thanks Glen! I was surprised to see YMMV being used in a Straight Razor/Wet Shaving forum. I am more accustomed to it being used in the automobile forum that I am a member of. That is a handsome razor in the photo above.


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    Glen, great advice and beautiful razor! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your shaves.

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    As always Glen, your posts are a treasure trove of good stuff. Thanks.
    Any day on this side of the flowers is a good day!

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    I think you said all that really well. We can only experience a razor being drawn across our own face, we can't experience it going across someone else's, and so much of this is about touch and feel...
    Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?
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