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Thread: Advice in convincing the Mrs...

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    This need to say no to all of your interests is buried deep in the DNA of a woman. My wife was no different she still rolls her eyes whenever I mention it. There is just something about seeing a man happy that they find intolerable. LOL. But trust me I doubt your marriage will come to its end over your shaving routine.
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    Get a DE razor and a bunch of blades.

    Learn to lather and shave with the DE. You'll learn some stuff that will be useful for straight-razor shaving. Maybe you'll convince her that you have a steady hand and good judgement.

    Then, try arguing again.

    Or, set her up in this Forum, and let her see that we're not all crazy, and few of us are dead.

    . Charles
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    Wow I got to tell you - I am kind of shocked at all the wife's out there giving their men attitude over using a straight razor. I am not sure why really when I think about it, as guy friends of mine gave me attitude when I told them I was thinking of moving to a straight.

    But I can't figure out all this ney saying though... seriously? What do these people think? That the blade is going to suddenly jump out of my hand and slice me up - and then make me mysteriously go at them with it? Is there some kind of historical president of guys doing that in the 200 yrs when straights were the only way?

    It's like people who are scared of guns! Why? Dumb people with guns sure...

    So what are they saying? They don't trust you with a straight - or they wouldn't trust themselves with one? It confuses me... seriously.

    I am glad to report that my wife was actually willing to buy me my first to get me started as I whaffled about thinking about it. Moreover, she has actually aided in my "hobby" in the past. I guess she doesn't question my sanity... though she should... hmmm, but then again I am insured... hmmmm

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    Just to keep everyone in the loop about this who has provided advice - it has worked fantastically, and better. I'll be getting a nice, shiny new straight razor for Christmas: ) Thank you again to everyone!
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    Default Re: Advice in convincing the Mrs...

    victory. Man 1 woman 0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcbladescar View Post
    OR ... you could do like the rest of us and tell her how much money you will save !!!!

    yeah that was my first excuse also ....and it is a funny one ...
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