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    Default ID Help, please - Richard Korkemas straight razor

    I Bought this razor from a consignment shop, and plan on listing it on eBay. I would like to be able to describe it to pepole accurately. Any information that you could share would be appreciated. Thanks.
    Gilt cameos of Theodore Roosevelt and William McKinley along with American flags are
    depicted on the blade. Marked on the end of the blade is Richard Korkemas New
    York and Made in Germany and the number 572 on the reverse side. The handle
    appears to be of faux ivory or celluloid and depicts a draped nude woman with
    daisies in an art nouveau style.
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    I'm afraid I can't help, but pictures will better aid those who can.

    It was in original condition, faded red, well-worn, but nice.
    This was and still is my favorite combination; beautiful, original, and worn.
    -Neil Young

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    I think, pretty much, anything there is to know has been described already by you. The style and the presidents fix the manufacturing date closely. Very pretty by the way, and seems to have been stored properly.
    I would be sorely tempted to hone it up and shave with it.

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    You see those pop up on ebay drom time to time. .. I have one like it. It shaves decently enough..

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