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Thread: Greetings from the Heartland

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    Default Greetings from the Heartland

    Hey SRP members,

    This would be my first informative post. Have set my sights on learning this craft. Been lurking/reading for around 2 weeks. I actually stumbled onto the whole concept of straight razor shaving while browsing a wristwatch forum. Funny how things run together. In any event,what I have read/learned so far:

    1. There is a difference between shave ready (being thrown around in a marketing sorta way) and really shave ready, (as in someone with experience has personally honed and inspected the thing...)
    2. ~100 shaves or so to attain a level of proficiency.
    3. Shaving soap makes a big difference.

    With Christmas around the corner, I figured I'd make my bid for some supplies. I don't have anything yet. I guess if I had a question at this point, it would be this. Would you all, being in my chair, focus on getting some of the peripherals (strop, mug, soaps), and take matters into your own hands when it came to the razor? I think I am inclined to do this unless there comes a recommended kit that has the razor in truly shave ready condition.

    Here was an initial link I was looking at. Any thoughts? I didn't see that the razor had a brand, and I've read enough to know that there is a laundry list of brands to avoid...

    I see the classifieds recommended as a good source for a razor of reasonable price, and the advantage being that more often than not, it has had some personal attention from those with lots of experience in the honing department. I'm fine with this, but impractical for someone in gift giving mode. Would there be a nice kit without the razor?

    Anyway, several other questions swimming around up there, but enough said for now. Thanks in advance for any input you all might have. Greatly looking forward to the process.....


    Edit: my location is Effingham, IL
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    I just looked at the link and it looks like a Buckingham brand razor - one to avoid, from what I've read.

    Where are my manners? - Welcome to SRP, Bull - glad to have you on board
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    Hang on and enjoy the ride...

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    Default Greetings from the Heartland

    Thanks gents, appreciate the input.....will post pics when I have a subject...

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    If you're still reading . . .

    I'm almost sure that the razor you're pointing to _is_ a Buckingham. If you search for that name in this Forum, you'll see why my reaction is "No!".

    You can have great soap, strop, brush, and technique --

    . . . Without a shaving-sharp razor, it's all useless !

    The razor comes first. New (from Straight Razor Designs or other vendors on this site, honed "shave-ready") or vintage (from the Classifieds here, or Whipped Dog) doesn't matter much.

    I'll take a good razor with cheap accessories any day, over a poor razor with fancy gear.

    . Charles
    . . . . . Mindful shaving, for a better world.

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