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Thread: Hope this helps other beginners

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    Default Hope this helps other beginners

    Being somewhat new to the forums and the straight razor scene..I love seeing new people join everyday, let's me know that one thing at least in this world can connect people.
    With that being said...some of the first questions a lot of people ask is...what do I get for my first razor.
    I said it myself over and over before purchasing my first one. I always had the idea in my head that it had to be new..And it had to be from Soligen..why..well first I never thought of getting anything sharp like this from any place else..I mean really I have pro knives made from there..even a pair of scissors.
    Secondly I could never wrap my head around getting something like this used..a razor...used...absurd!!
    Well for all the new people coming aboard let me tell you what I have found to hopefully make your lives a bit easier. will find if you did not already know that there are great blades from just about every where in the world..maybe not so much today as yester year but don't limit your location mind set.
    Second...used is really a good thing but with one caveat..only the used ones from the classifieds here first or from the vendors section. No one on this forum that I have seen so far would sell you something they would not use our recommend themselves..this is what makes used that much the better.
    Third..I know so many of us are gung ho for Ebay and such..your time with that will come.
    Fourth..if new is your fancy then please look at the vendors section...once again this is what they do. You would be hard pressed to find other vendors that spend so much time and energy on this way of shaving.
    And finally to keep this tome to a minimum so I don't put you to sleep..just work slowly and keep in mind that this is not learned in a day or a week or even a month. There are so many people here that have been doing it for years and years and they will tell you that it is a never ending learning process..

    Find someone or some people with a lot of posts and connect with them because they have either asked it or answered it or both for a while..
    I have had the pleasure of trying to get to know as many as possible and they all bring something to the table..

    I hope this helps some new members that are coming aboard....I know from the time I have been here that everything I just wrote took me a while to find individually here.
    Good luck welcome aboard and hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

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    Well said Anthony

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    Couldn't agree more........
    Hang on and enjoy the ride...

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