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    Default Buying a SR for a gift

    My husband would like a SR for the holidays. I read which ones not to buy yet I am still clueless. What size how much should I spend etc. He is experienced at cutting hair and facial hair.Could really use some guidance,thanks!

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    Welcome to SRP!
    please understand that a shave ready razor is just one part of the equation. he will asle need a strop and if he is new to wet shaving a brush. a good size to start with is a 5/8 razor most prefer starting with a round point razor to minimize nicks from the point.

    price is really a function of eye appeal not quality as much most new razors (that you can shave with) are made by Dovo, Theirs-Issard or Boker and they each make several lines as well as producing razors under contract to other brands. check out the advertisers here such as straight razor design, classic edge, classic shaving, vintage blades among other for a starter set or just the items you want. pretty razors do not shave better than ugly razors ... that being said spend what you like new razors start around $90 and go up to a few thousand for pretty custom blades.


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    All the advice that has been given , is good advice . However , I don't think a straight razor would be a good gift , at this time . I suggest you direct him to this site , so he can learn about straight razors , and their use , and let him find out for himself whether he want's to do the straight razor thing , or not . That way , you don't spend a lot of money on a razor , and strop that may not ever be used . If he does get into straight razor shaving , you can get him a nice razor next Christmas , and you will have a year to find out what kind of straight razor he really wants . Straight razors come in many different sizes , grinds , and styles , and I don't think you want to get him something he may not really like . Just my two cents .
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